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We have Modular Fiberglass Roadbed, 1/25th Scale Handmade Structures and Railfan Books


Modular Roadbed

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With our light fiberglass Modular Roadbed a garden railway can be set up in minutes not hours of back breaking work.  Our roadbed will work well with a permanent or temporary layout.  It works well in the garden, around the pool or patio or laying it out on the lawn.  Some use it indoors around the Christmas Tree (no more oil stains on the carpet or fuzz collecting on motor parts and wheels).  With it's wide range of uses our roadbed fit any layout need.  Track from all major brands of track will fit.  If you have the track we have the roadbed unit to fit.  It has the look and texture of river rock and needs no special treatment before use.  Set it up, place your track on it and run your trains. Just that easy!!!

For a sample of our roadbed, send $20.00 and we will send you a piece of our modular roadbed and brochures on all our products P/H paid in the U.S..  Send to: Isabel Central Enterprises, Dept. W, P.O. Box 771407, Wichita, KS, 67277-1407.  Pay with check, money order or charge card (Visa, Master Card or Discover), include Acc't # and  FAXed charge card orders can be sent by calling 316-942-3413 (FAX only)



We have 14 structures from depots to outhouses all hand made ready to put on your pike

Just a sample of what we have

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Coaling Station 199.00   Barn/Silo 189.00  Outhouse 30.00

All postage and handling paid in the U.S.

Our handmade highly detailed structures (1/25 scale) look good with a wide variety of manfacture's products currently on the market.  They look good on the garden pike or on the mantle of your home. 


If you would like to order any of the items listed on this page we accept charge cards (Visa, Master Card or Discover, please include account # with expiration date) checks or money orders.  For more information (price and order form) about our full line of products for the garden railroader and railfan send a large self addressed envelope and $2.00 (refundable with first order) to: Isabel Central Enterprises, Dept. W, P.O. Box 771407, Wichita, KS 67277-1407 or FAX charge card orders to 316-942-3413 (FAX only)  We will send you brochures listing all our products.  For questions Email us at



We have published two books for the railfan


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B & O in the Civil War, by William E. Bain, Regular price $14.95 + $3.00 P/H

Frisco Folks, by William E. Bain, Regular price $14.95 + $3.00 P/H

Webpage special $13.50 each or two for $25.00 P/H paid in the U.S.