The following shows a warded pancake lock marked
U.S. Army. These have been popping up on eBay and other various auctions. They have been advertised as being of Civil War era and made for the United States Army. From the information I have found
in company catalogs this lock was made by the E.T.Fraim Lock Company. They were in business from 1881 to 1955. From records
it appears this lock probably dates around the early 1900s. It had
nothing to do with the U.S. Army and is NOT a lock one would use to secure something of value. The lock mechanism is a simple warded style and is very easy to pick open. I just tried 3 double-bitted keys about the right width and 2 of the 3 opened the lock. Of course the lock was made 30 -35 years after  the Civil War. More information will be shared as it becomes available. I just wanted to post this information since I have had some emails requesting information on the time period of this particular lock. Hope this helps.
Click for 2X picture

Here is another "FANTASY" lock that sellers are identifying it as a CIVIL WAR LOCK.
It's a fantasy lock.. never was a lock that looked like this with the cheap brass CSA plate and it it not old.
This lock comes in brass adornment variations. I have a few pictured below. One-- brass plate shows 2 crossed
swords and I believe C 7A..., Another says Wells Fargo, and there are also tags with various Railroads.Union Pacific Railroad Santa Fe Route,etc.
A RULE OF THUMB.... most locks with applied plates should be scrutinized very closely. Most are fantasy and fakes.



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