This latest page updates the latest Fake of the
KEEN KUTTER SantaFe Railroad Lock. I also added
some pictures and comments of other suspected fakes. I will fine
tune them all at a later date. I just wanted to get started on what I had.Too many novice collectors are getting stung and once they find out
some of the locks they are buying are fakes, this will probably sour them
to their new found hobby of lock collecting-- which is a shame. So we
just need to get the word out and let everyone know about ALL the latest
Fakes & Fantasies.

Keen Kutter SantaFe Fake vs Original

Most of the text and explanations that point out the differences between the fake and original is imbedded in the picture. Once I update to Adobe version 6 the text should be
separate from the picture and searchable...

I had wanted to insert the dimensions of the FAKE vs ORIGINAL and will do so at a later date. I think this is a good start and will help resolve any doubt whether the lock you have or are thinking of buying is a fake or original......


Please contact me if you think additional clarification needs to be added. If someone has a better scan than the reproductions I would welcome their pictures. This page is not meant to offend the unsuspecting sellers who buys a reproduction unknowingly and then resells it. This page will hopefully educate both buyers and sellers and help to put a stop to the cheap imports that were created ONLY to deceive the unsuspecting beginner collector. The latest KK SantaFe now has a  bushing for a flat key. The earlier FAKES used a barrel key and it was the first obvious sign that the lock was FAKE. Now I believe the first 'visual' sign the SantaFe Keen Kutter is fake is the backside bottom "V" is NOT recessed. I'm not at all an expert on Rail Road locks, but from what I have in my collection and from what I have seen in the padlock guides-- the ONLY KeenKutter Railroad that does NOT  have the bottom "V" recessed is the KK lock with the large dust cover with the embossed "EEs" and "TTs". The bushing does not go through the back. Please email me if you think I'm in error on my observation. OH-- Another point and will add more later-- ONCE again the Keen Kutter SantaFe comes with
(2) Keys.... At least the IMPORT company is consistent. :-) As you can see in my pictures the Fake KK key is MUCH longer and thicker than the original. I'll be adding dimesions at a later date.

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