Reproduction Padlocks

Here are some of the latest "Fantasy" imports.
How to turn a $15 lock into one that sells from $50 to $325 in 3 easy steps.
1). Take a used worn lock like the plain "vanilla" one below. One that has served its purpose over the last 50 years.

2). Find a nice piece of brass about 1 1/2" x 3/4" and stamp it with your favorite "Prison" or
"Firearms" manufacturer. Come on-- let your imagination run wild! By all means let the lock sit out in the rain for a few weeks.

3). List it on one of the "online" auctions. You had better put a reserve on it so the buyer really thinks it "Must" be the Real McCoy. ---Oh-- by the way. A similar lock like the plain one below didn't even get a bid at $15. A similar lock like the Winchester sold for over $300.

"caveat emptor"
Let the buyer beware!

 I decided it was time to add page 2 to  help educate the new lock collectors out there
of some of the latest "FANTASY" locks on the market. This is just a start. Please e-mail your pictures to me of any other repro/fantasy padlocks you would like listed. I am also going to be adding a "GENERAL" page of other ADVERTISING REPRODUCTIONS to my advertising page in the future.I welcome all suspected pictures of reproductions or fantasy locks.

I believe the following locks are imports from India or Pakistan. All the locks are very similar. The dimensions are approx. 5" x 3" x 1". Notice how all the locks have 2 Keys. It's hard enough to find a lock with 1 key let alone 2! That should be your first clue that something is up. I do believe the locks are old and worn and have served their purpose well and instead of just tossing them out-- someone had an idea to turn them into "Fantasy" locks. The ROI is much better than the high flying "Tech" stocks on the NASDAQ. :-)----- Yes-- I know-- The remark about the "tech" stocks is a little out of date.... but was current at the time. Not many high fliers anymore..... most have been grounded....or are under water...  :-(

2)Alcatraz Fantasy

3)Winchester Firearms Factory

4)Fort Smith Prison Ark.

5)San Quentin Death Row

6)Colt Firearms Factory

7)Southwestern Stagecoach Company

8)Pony Express & Others.

Someone's wild imagination. THERE NEVER was an  ORIGINAL lock that looked like these--- that was used at the sites stamped on the brass tags. So technically you can't really call them a REPRODUCTION since there would have had to been an original  before you could make a  copy or reproduction..

Fantasy lock #1) This is the lock before the applied cosmetics.


Fantasy lock #2) The infamous ALCATRAZ.

Fantasy lock #3) The old standard. WINCHESTER FIREARMS. If anyone out there worked at factory
248 Please drop me a line. Hmm-- another set of 2 keys :-)

Fantasy lock #4) The Fort Smith Prison. Can't say that one rings a bell.Are
you starting to see the light? See the similarities?

Fantasy lock #5) The infamous San Quentin--or was that Alcatraz?.

Fantasy lock #6) Last but not least. The Colt Firearms lock.

Fantasy lock #7) The lock name plates are getting more inventive. Here are some new ones
other collectors have sent me. No pictures yet but here are the names.
 Southwestern Stage Company.

Fantasy lock #8) The lock name plates are getting more inventive. Here are some new ones
other collectors have sent me. No pictures yet but here are the names. As a "rule of thumb"-- MOST
locks with a crude stamped brass name plate of a FAMOUS PRISON or an embossed (Wells Fargo) or some other express company are probably FAKES/FANTASIES and should be scrutinized and questions should be asked before buying.
Property Of Pony Express Station 7
Southwestern Stage Company.
Yuma Territorial Prison.
Leavenworth Prison.
Colorado State Penitentiary. Huntsville Texas State Prison Stillwater State Prison. Minnesota??

Please contact me if you think additional clarification needs to be added. If someone has a better scan than the above "Fantasy" Locks.  I would welcome their pictures. This page is not meant to offend the unsuspecting sellers who buys a reproduction unknowingly and then resells it. This page will hopefully educate both buyers and sellers and help to put a stop to the cheap imports that were created ONLY to deceive the unsuspecting beginner collector.

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