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Join the following Lock Collectors NEWS LETTERS.......


1) American Lock Collectors Association.
    13115 Millersburg Rd S.W.
    Massillon, Ohio 44647
    Contact Dave Rankl (secretary treasurer) by email at dlr41@aol.com
    Click here for a renewal/Join form

Click here for The A.L.C.A.'s NEW Website

2) West Coast Lock Collectors Association
    c/o Donald Jackson doggyjack@home.com
    P.O. box 272
    Pleasanton, Ca. 94566
Click here for the WCLCA website.

3) Lock Museum of America
    P.O. box 104
    Terryville, Ct. 06786-0104

4) Locks & Keys (UK)
    Publisher--Richard Phillips
    "Merlewood", The loan
    West Linton, Peebleshire,

Padlock Reference guides.


 1) The Padlock Collector. by Frank Arnall.
        This lists Illustrations and prices of 2800 padlocks of the past 100 years. This is the 6th edition 1996.
        I believe this can be ordered through the Lock Museum of America for $22.00. If it is not available you might try

2) Pancake 6-Lever pushkey Padlock list.
         Russell Soderquist has just released his updated list of over 473 different locks of which 270 have
         been added since 1980. This list contains all known railroad and non-railroad padlocks that have been
         discovered as of 1999. Of course with auction sites like eBay new ones are bound to come forward in
         the months ahead. Bargain price of $3.00
         You can mail for info. to Russell K. Soderquist--- P.O. Box 1852---Grand Junction,Co.81502-1852

3) Allison & Tom Schofield have 3-4 mail/phone/fax padlock auctions throughout the year.
Click here to see Schofield's  Padlock Auction #7 Closes Feb.24th, 2001.
If you would like to get on their mailing list contact them at schofieldauction@mindspring.com .

Current and Coming Events

The 29th Annual Crossroads of America Antique Locks, Keys and Restraint  show.
April 17th-18th, 2010
Indianapolis, Indiana
Contact Pete Schaefer
8115 Englewood Rd.

Lancaster Lock Show
July 16-17 2010
Lancaster, Pa.
Contact Mike Mastros at 717-371-3690

The 10th annual American Lock Collectors Association. (A.L.C.A.)
Lock show.
Formerly the (Massillon, Ohio Lock & Swap show).
July 21st & 22nd, 2006.(NOTE--new date&location!)
Opens to the Public at (details later)
Located at the Sheraton -- Cleveland Hopkins Airport , Ohio
Contact Dave Rankl at 330-833-1438
The A.L.C.A.'s NEW Website

The Terryville Lock show.
35th Annual Lock Museum of America-Lock collector's show
OCTOBER 9th, 2010
Terryville, Ct.

Contact Tom Hennessy Sr. 860-582-6897 or email thomasnsc@aol.com 

The 33rd West Coast Lock Collector's show.
February 6th, 2010
L.A. Airport South. Embassy Suites Hotel. 
Contact Doug Huse at drhuse@earthlink.net
Contact Bob Heilemann at locksmann@aol.com or PH 310-230-3004
Click here for the WCLCA website.

Links to other lock related home pages

1) Wilson Bohannan padlocks and company history

2) Joe's padlock home page

3) J.C's padlock homage

4) History of Chubb (English U.K.)

5) Linus Yale History


7) Thelockman. Billy B. Edwards Jr. CML

8)  from LONDON---(Safelocks-key&combination,Timelocks,other varieties)

9)Maurice Onraet's Home Page (A lot of info on keys)

10) Key, Lock & Lantern (An organization for Railroad collectors)

11)THCKK(The Hardware Companies Kollectors Klub)KeenKutter,etc.

12)WCLCAWest Coast Lock Colletors Association (NEW WEBSITE)

13)ALCA's New Website (American Lock Collector's Association)

14)Reproductions A General Page on many categories of reproductions.

15) A website for the sharing of information on all types of collectible wrenches.

16 Railroadiana Collectors Association Inc. (An organization for Railroad collectors)

 17)A thru Z  List..... (Lock and Key Makers of the U.K.)

18)   Current Reproductions in all antique categories



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