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                                                    "ANTIQUE ADVERTISING for SALE"
                         Hi. Thanks for dropping by. I hope to have this
                                             page load a little quicker when I figure out how
                                             add the thumbnails. I had to lower the resolution
                                             on the advertising pictures so they will load quick.
                                             I'm not the most patient person when it comes to
                                             waiting for a picture to load. PLEASE EMAIL
                                            for a more detailed picture and description.
                                             I hope to add to it on a weekly basis. The
                                             asking price is in RED. ---Offers welcomed!!

                                                        Some of these items will be up for auction on eBay in the coming weeks.
                                                        Click here to view my current  eBay auctions.
                                                        Click  here to view my brother's eBay auctions. He has a great assortment of
                                                        Quality Antique Advertising.

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