Huge Fantasy Padlocks 

Oliver Winchester, Pauly Jail, Central & Union Pacific Railroad (C&UPRR)

 I decided it was time to add a page to show some locks that have been on the market since the late 1970s.
They seem to be popping up more often. This is just a start. Please e-mail your pictures  of any other FANTASY padlocks from this series you would like to see listed. I don't have pictures for all of the ones listed above,  but this is at least a start. Will add more pictures when them become available.

I believe the Pauly Jail and Central & Union Pacific Railroad Locks are both Chemically Etched. The Oliver Winchester Repeating Arms Lock looks to be cast iron. Will add dimensions when I get the complete facts. I think the Pauly and C&UPRR Lock are about 9 inches tall. The Winchester..I believe is almost 14 inches tall.


Approx. 9 inches tall



Winchester Repeating Arms "FANTASY" Padlock
Approx. 14 inches tall.

More Information will be added later. I will try and get an exact date when these hit the market.--circa 1978

 Central & Pacific Union Railroad  "FANTASY" Padlock
Approx. 9 inches tall.--More pictures when they become available.

Please contact me if you think additional clarification needs to be added. If someone has a better scan than these FANTASIES I would welcome their pictures. I would also like additional pictures of these locks made in this series. This page is not meant to offend the unsuspecting seller who buys a FANTASY LOCK unknowingly and then resells it. This page will hopefully educate both buyers and sellers and help eliminate new collectors/dealers getting stung--sometimes for BIG BUCKS..... Most Dealers are honest but I think when they try and sell ANY Fantasy or Reproduction Lock using a "PRIVATE" auction... That really tells a story...they KNOW EXACTLY what the lock is and probably where it came from. It's even MORE suspicious when NO OTHER AUCTIONS of THEIRS are 'PRIVATE' auctions.....I would think THOSE auctions border on Fraud and I would hope EBAY would monitor them and take appropriate action. 

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