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The Twinkie Twins

   Two addicts with vacant stares and fiendish grins, surrounded by the causes of their rare dual addiction --Twinkies and old wrenches. After gorging themselves with package after package of Twinkies, they will spend hours fondling their wrenches! Due to the hardship and embarrassment to the friends and families caused by the addiction, we will not reveal there identities, instead we will just call them "Russ" and "Jim". In the later stages of addiction these poor lost souls will be unable to sleep, often waking up in the middle of the night and drive hundreds of miles and spend large amounts of money for a "fix". Fortunately most reported cases of this terrible disease have been reported from the state of Nebraska, where the sad demise of their one college football team has left residents, already on the verge of dementia, easy prey for auctioneers, junk shop proprietors, and internet marketers, who start their victims out with cheap piles of rusty iron, but soon have them hooked on the more expensive "stuff". We can only hope that the new administration will be quick to look into this critical situation and provide some assistance, for example removing Kansas State from the Nebraska football schedule

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