Pioneer Families of Southeast Kentucky

Here is a list of the descendants of various pioneer families who settled in Southeast Kentucky around 1800. Let me know if I have missed anyone or gotten anything wrong.

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Wayne County, KY



The Dibrells in America


Col. Charles Lee Dibrell (1757-1840)

On the Trail of Colonel Charles Cocke


John Lee Dibrell(1777-1858)

The Haden/Hayden Families of Wayne County, Kentucky


Wilmuth Watson Dibrell (1808-1888) and daughter Ellen

Whitley County, KY


John Anthony Hayden(1835-1905)

Wiley and Dorcas Worley


Jemima Morgan (1832-1903) and son James

Daniel & Lucinda Morgan


Matthew Hayden with picture of Griffin Morgan (1807-1895)

Pulaski County, KY


William Worley (1857-1938)

Robert Warson Adams and Rebecca Wylie


Mary Hayden (1860-1944), 2d from left



Nan Ellen Worley (1884-1983)