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According to the recollections of Major John Redd (1755-1850), there was a Cox family that lived in southwest Virginia and was associated with the Walden and Blevins families.  It is said that these families lived together in what is now Henry County, Virginia until the time of the Revolution. However, the evidence indicates that they had already moved further west by 1774, when they fought in the Battle of Point Pleasant.  Even earlier, Elisha Walden, Jr. is generally credited with organizing the famous long hunts.

The family of John Cox below is thought to the Cox family described by Major John Redd.  This family originally settled in western Pennsylvania, and, in 1756, sons __ and __ fought in the French and Indian War.  During that war, sons John and __, along with their brother in law John Craig were kidnapped by Indians.  After the war, Mary and her sons moved to Virginia, eventually settling in what is now Grayson County, Virginia.  By the time of the revolution, John Cox (1739-1818) had risen to the rank of Captain.  His brother David (1737-1810) was a lieutenant and served for awhile under his brother John Cox. James Cox (1763-1842), son of John Cox, also served.

There is also a chance that the Cox family described by Major John Redd was the family of Stephen Cox and Judith Woodson. They are supposed to have had a daughter Mary Cox who married Thomas Walden.

Caution: Because this is not my family, but is only being examined for possible connections, this information on this webpage is mostly second-hand and has not been verified.  Also, because these people lived on the frontier, records were not the best and there were a lot of people with the same name.  So there is plenty of room for error and debate.  If these are your families, do not use this webpage as a source, but only as a suggestion.

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The Cox Family
John (Joshua) Cox, Sr. - b. 1695, IRL; d. 1749, PA
m. Bef. 1726
Mary Rankin - b. 1700; d. 1765, VA
   i. Richard Cox - b. 1726, PA; d. 1810
      m. Bef. 1757, PA
      Jane (Cox)
  ii. Mary Cox - b. 1728, Lancaster County, PA
      m. Bef. 1757, PA
      John Craig
 iii. Joshua Cox (likely child) -  b. 1730, Lancaster County, PA; d. 1821, Stokes County, NC
      m. 1769, Rowan County, NC
      Mary Neal - d. 1837
  iv. David Cox - b. 1737, Lancaster County, PA; d. 1810, Grayson County, VA
      m. 1758, Augusta County, VA
      Margaret Ann McGowan - b. 1742, Augusta County, VA; d. 1811, Grayson County, VA
         Parents: Unknown
      i. Catherine Cox - b. 1769; d. 1843
         m. ca 1790?
         John Blevins, Sr. - b. Cir. 1740; d. 1816
            Parents: William Blevins and Agnes Walden
     ii. Samuel Cox - b. 1773, Montgomery County, VA
         m. 1812
         Rebecca Osborne - b. 1773, Montgomery County, VA
            Parent: Enoch Osborn and Jane Hash
   v. John Cox - b. 1739, PA; d. 1818, NC
      m. 1762, Wythe County, VA
      Margaret Davis - b. 1736, NC; d. 1814, NC
      i. James Cox - b. 1763, Fort Chiswell, Wythe County, VA; d. 1842, Grayson County, VA
         m. 1782
         Elizabeth (Cox) - b. 1753; d. 1814
  vi. Rankin Cox (possible child) - b. Cir. 1741, PA
 vii. William Cox (possible child) - b. Cir. 1743, PA
viii. Thomas Cox (possible child) - b. Cir. 1745, PA

The Walden (Wallen, Walling) Family
Elisha Walden, Sr. - b. 1708, Salem County, NJ; d. Cir. 1784
m. Cir. 1730
Mary ? Blevins - b. Cir. 1710
   i. Thomas Walden - b. Cir. 1731, MD
      m. Bef. 1768
      Mary Cox - b. Cir. 1740; d. 1816
         Likely Parents: Stephen Cox and Judith Woodson
      i. Judith Walden - b. 1768, VA
         m. Bef. 1788
         Isaac Chrisman, Jr. - b. 1767, Hampshire County, VA; d. 1838, Franklin, MO
            Parents: Isaac Chrisman, Sr. & Mary Jane Scott
  ii. Elisha Walden, Jr. - b. 1732, Prince George County, MD; 1814, Washington County, MO
      m. Cir. 1770
      Catherine Elizabeth Blevins - b. Bef. 1750; d. 1814, Washington County, MO
         Likely Parent: William Blevins
      i. Catherine Walden - b. Cir. 1771, VA; d. Bef. 1860
         m. 1786, Sullivan County, TN
         Henry Blevins - b. 1751/2, Henry County, VA; d. 1847, Hawkins County, TN
 iii. Joseph Allen Walden - b. 1734; d. 1792, Kyles Ford, Hancock County, TN
      m. Bef. 1769
      Milly Jones - b. Cir. 1750; d. 1820
  iv. John Walden - b. 27 Jul 1750, Lunenburg County, VA; d. 22 Apr 1836, McMinn County, TN
      m. 18 Feb. 1786
      Elizabeth Roberts - b. 1768; d. 1858
   v. James Walden - b. 27 Jul 1751, Lunenburg County, VA
  vi. Elizabeth Walden - b. Cir. 1753
      m. William Roberts
 vii. Sarah Walden - b. Cir. 1755; d. 1792, Kyles Ford, Hancock County, TN
      Clement Lee - b. Cir. 1750
viii. Margery Walden - b. Cir. 1757
      Isaac Rice

The Blevins Family
William Blevins - b. 1735, Halifax County, VA
m. Bef. 1760
Agnes Walden - b. Cir. 1740
   i. John Blevins, Sr.
      m. Bef. 1795
      Catherine Cox - b. 1769; d. 1843
         Parents: David Cocke and Margaret Ann McGowan
      i. John Blevins, Jr. - b. 1795, Grayson County, VA
         m. 1832, Grayson County, VA
         Adeline Cox - b. 1813, Grayson County, VA
            Parents: Samuel Cox and Rebecca Osborn
     ii. Samuel Blevins - b. 1802, Grayson County, VA
         Nancy Cox - b. 1812
            Parents: Samuel Cocke and Rebecca Osborn

William Blevins (a different one?)
   i. Catherine Elizabeth Blevins - b. Bef. 1750
      m. Cir. 1770
      Elisha Walden, Jr. - b. 1732, Prince George County, MD; 1814, Washington County, MO
         Parents: Elisha Walden, Sr. and possibly Mary Blevins

  Did Our Charles Cocke Know These Families?
Charles Cocke and the Walden, Cox and Blevins Families

Regardless of whether our Charles Cocke was related to these families, it appears that he spent a lot of time with them.

These families may have been acquainted as long ago as 1750.  As noted elsewhere, Charles Cocke was probably a son of Charles or Jester Cocke who lived in Lunenburg County, Virginia in 1750.  Elisha Walden, Sr. is also supposed to have lived in Lunenburg County at the same time.  In "Tracking the Wallin(g)s", Kenneth C. Wilde states that:

There is a tradition that the Elisha Wallen, Sr., born 1708, joined the Blevins family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and migrated with them to Lunenburg County, Virginia. [fn 12]
Fn 12. Maudie Walling, p. 4, and letter from Edna Walling (Mrs. F. G.) Neuhauser to Emory L. Hamilton, July 27, 1971

Both John and James Walden, sons of Elisha Walden, Sr., are said to have been born in Lunenburg County in 1750 and 1751, respectively.

Our Charles Cocke was frequently found in the company of these families.  They were listed together in Botetourt County, Virginia in 1771 and 1772 and fought under William Herbert at the Battle of Point Pleasant.  In the case of McKinney v. Preston, both the Waldens and our Charles Cocke gave depositions indicating that they were in the area.

Source Documents
1760 Excerpts from Interview with Major John Redd (1755-1850)
Walden, Cox and Blevins Families

"It is vary probable that Walden, Cox & Blevins established a hunting camp in Powel's valley a few years after 1761, for the Blevinses & Coxes were a vary numerous family, and many of them were long hunters; they lived on Smith's river in the neighborhood with Walden, and they were connected to him by marriage."

"When I first knew him [Elisha Walden, Jr.] he lived on Smith's river at a place called the round-about, near the centre of the county [Pittsylvania], and about two miles east of Martainsville, the present county seat of henry, he lived near his wife's fathers, Will. Blevenes. Walden, the Blevines & Coxes owned no land, but were squatters on land owned by a company of speculators. During the revolutionary war the assembly of Va. passed a law that all British subjects owning land in Va. must come in by a certain time and take an oath of alegance, and become actual setlers, or ther land would be confiscated. After the act was passed, two of the british subjects owning land in Pitsolvania (now henry), came in and complied with the act of the assembly, the Blevinses and Coxes, for they feared they would have to pay many years rent they all moved off en mass. The Blevinses & Coxes settled on the holston above the long Isleans."

From Draper Manuscripts; reprinted in Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 6?
1774 Captain William Herbert Company (Partial Roster)
Battle of Point Pleasant

The following are Charles Cocke and his possible relations who were in Captain William Herbert's Company at the time of the Battle of Point Pleasant. These include men from the present counties of Carroll, Grayson and Wythe:
- Cock, Charles
- Ewing, George (relationship unknown)
- Ewing, James (relationship unknown)
- Ewing, Samuel, Sr. (relationship unknown)
- Newell, James (brother of Samuel Newell)
- Newell, Samuel (Charles and Ellender Cocke testified at his trial against Evan Williams in 1773)
The following are the members of the Cox family and relations who were in Captain William Herbert's Company at the time of the Battle of Point Pleasant. These include men from the present counties of Carroll, Grayson and Wythe:
- Cox, David
- Cox, John
- Hash, John
- Hash, William
- Osborn, Enoch
- Osborn, Ephraim
- Osborn, Jonathan
- Osborn, Robert
- Osborn, Stephen
The following are the members the Walden and Blevins family and their relations who were in Captain William Herbert's Company at the time of the Battle of Point Pleasant. These include men from the present counties of Carroll, Grayson and Wythe:
- Blevins, Daniel
- Blevins, James
- Blevins, William
- Lee, Clement
- Wallen, James
- Wallen, Joseph
- Wallen, Thomas
- Wallin, James

1776-1780 Pension Affidavit of James Cox (1763 - 1842), son of Captain John Cox:
The Cox Family in the Revolution

* * * That he served the services of the United States, and under Captain John Cox at the age of 15 or 16, and assisted in building a fort on New River near the mouth of Peach Bottom Creek [now in Grayson County] in the year 1778, and from that time until the year I780, he acted as a spy on the Indians for the said Captain John Cox, and from his intimate knowledge of the Country was upon many occasions sent as a pilot to conduct those who were unacquainted with the mountains in safety to where the different parties had their encampment. The Tories about this time or about the time the British were invading North and South Carolina, became very troublesome in the country where he was, having but very few neighbors who were not Tories, and these with those of the adjoining State of North Carolina, would frequently assemble themselves over in the country. The statement further, the aforesaid Captain John Cox, Enoch Osborne and his family, Benjamin Phipps, Peter Hash and William Hardin, were the only Whigs who would render any assistance, when required in this situation, surrounded by the Tories. * * * He lived in Montgomery County, Virginia when he entered the service, now Grayson County, Va. where he has lived ever since the War of the Revolution, and where he now lives. * * *